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Drive Thru Comics starts carrying Adult comic titles

I have been wondering for a while how the adult comic book market will start delivering electronic copies of their comics to the public. Honestly adult titles far outsell any other title we carry in the store, so it is of deep interest to see how adult comics will be able to work within the [...]

A Bomb from Venus Comics

Written by Various Published by Venus Comics From the Golden age of adult comics, late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s Venus Comics the adult imprint of Antarctic Press cranked out an amazing series of short stories called “A-Bomb”.  Similar to Genus, Milk, and other short story collections, this series of comics’ takes you right [...]

XXXenophile by Phil Foglio

Written by Phil Foglio Printed by: Various At one point it looked like a lot of the main stream comic book artists were also working their way into adult comic book, and Phil Foglio was no exception. The author of the amazingly wonderful Girl Genius steam punk series is also responsible for some of the [...]

Franny Vales Great Consummations

Stories by Susan Catherine Art by Euan Smith Edited by Carol Gnojewski Art by Adam Glickman Published by Eros Comix, Gary Groth and Kim Thompson Franny Vales Great Consummations is a series of short classical stories like Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man or Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set to adult comic book story lines. [...]

God Of Sex from Eros Comix

Created by Kazuki Taniuch Published by Gary Groth and Kim Thompson Produced by Eros Comix I swear that the golden age of adult comics coincided with the larger big boom in regular comics, because it seems like all the best adult comics happened in the 1990’s. Of course we saw everyone trying out Mangarotica, from [...]

Sinnin’ Number 2 Eros Comix

Written by Grass Green Pencils by Grass Green Inks by Grass Green Letters by Grass Green Published by Eros Comix This is a two part comic book series featuring a series of short stories that are classic eros comics. Published very long ago, about 20 years ago, this series is seeing a slight bump lately [...]

Alice in Sexland the Comic

Edited by Michael Dowers This is not a review of the movie Alice in sexland, rather this is a review of the comic book series put out by Eros comics and is part of the mangarotica series of comic books. Alice in sexland is one of the earlier mangarotica comic books from Eros, and follows [...]

Ironwood by Bill Willingham

It is always interesting to see what other kinds of comic books that people have worked on, and much like XXXEnophile from Phil Foglio, Bill Willingham between D&D and Fables did an interesting adult comic book series named Ironwood. You can get the individual comic books, or pay for the very expensive trade paperback because [...]

Housewives at Play Number 1 by Rebecca

Art and Writing by Rebecca Published by Eros Comics If you are a big fan of adult comics you know about Housewives at Play. This is probably the quintessential comic book series that sets many of the standards for lesbian sex in comic books. I have been a fan of Rebecca for a very long [...]

Sheedeva by Sandra Chang

Story by Sandra Chang Published by Eros Comix Sheedeva is probably one of my favorite Eros titles, and Sandra Chang does an awesome job of putting together a short series of five comic books and a trade that are nearly impossible to find anywhere. These rarely come up for sale, but when they do they [...]