Franny Vales Great Consummations

Franny Vales Great ConsummationsStories by Susan Catherine

Art by Euan Smith

Edited by Carol Gnojewski

Art by Adam Glickman

Published by Eros Comix, Gary Groth and Kim Thompson

Franny Vales Great Consummations is a series of short classical stories like Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man or Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set to adult comic book story lines. In all this is a pretty decent series that remasters the classics as a continually running 8MM loop of porn goodness. Seriously as a normal blast from the past the artists have done an awesome job of putting the story lines together and making some seriously well drawn, well executed adult comic book material like we don’t see in many of the more modern adult comic books.

As an anthology it is a series of stories that pretty much so make your day. If you are familiar with the classic story lines, then a lot of this comic book is going to make sense right from the start. What we need to realize is that there is a lot of sensuality in comic books, regardless of if you are reading super hero comics, or regular adult comic books. This collection just simply throws it over the top, skips the dull bits, and goes right to the sensual in relationship to the classic story lines. Each book in this short lived series basically has anywhere from three to five short stories, meaning they are very short, short on plot, short on character development, but not short on adult content. The basic assumption is that you have read or at least have some sort of basic familiarity with the story lines so we can skip all the dull bits and go right to the good bits. The story lines do not skimp on the good bits, which is what makes this so very interesting to read and get into as a series of short stories.

This is another blast from the past, so this one is going to be difficult to find in any condition. It is well worth finding. Usually these pop up on eBay, or you might get lucky if your local comic book store has an adult section that is well stocked with back issues. In the longer run with this series, it is highly entertaining and really what the classic literary novels should be about, the more open discussion of sex, sensibility, and pictures. Well worth finding, and well worth adding to your adult comic book collection.


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