Ironwood by Bill Willingham

Ironwood Comic by Bill WillinghamIt is always interesting to see what other kinds of comic books that people have worked on, and much like XXXEnophile from Phil Foglio, Bill Willingham between D&D and Fables did an interesting adult comic book series named Ironwood. You can get the individual comic books, or pay for the very expensive trade paperback because at this point it is rare everywhere and commands a very high price regardless of where you are looking.

In this series we meet the awesome rouge, womanizer and gambler Dragavon as he wanders through and sleeps with everything in the forest of Ironwood. Along with that you get a little battling the forces of evils, trolls, centaurs, and other mythical creatures, but in this book what you really get is some of the best drawn fantasy sex you can look at without going crazy. You can see that when he was putting this together for Eros Comix that he is doing just fine with the art work and the story line. Throughout the books or trade you can see that he is seriously at the top of his art and enjoying the story line.

There is little in this book that is not explored sexually, we get everything from regular sex, furry sex, lesbianism, and everything else in between that will keep things interesting throughout the story line. Mythical fantasy with swords, demons, and hot chicks, this is aimed right at guys who wish they could be living the dream. There is a good balance of sex and swords in this very well crafted series from the 1990’s.

The sad part is that while it is wonderful, it is also very difficult to find, with the trades going for around 50 dollars, and the comics going for between 4 and 20 dollars each. But if you are into adult comics then this is one of those you are going to want to get, not just because he does Fables now, or that he worked for TSR doing D&D drawings, but that this is one of those few times you get to see the fill in process between projects that evokes not just swords and sorcery, but the roots of fables as well. As a transition piece, this is very well done and interesting to look at.  This is rated five of five stars because it really shows what Bill Willingham can do with drawings, an excellent story line, and just frankly one of the most erotic comic books out there to read. Not overdone, but well put together and enjoyable on multiple levels.



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