Housewives at Play Number 1 by Rebecca

Housewives at Play Number 1 by RebeccaArt and Writing by Rebecca

Published by Eros Comics

If you are a big fan of adult comics you know about Housewives at Play. This is probably the quintessential comic book series that sets many of the standards for lesbian sex in comic books. I have been a fan of Rebecca for a very long time now, so it is really easy to review the comic books. While the pen name is Rebecca, the action in this series of comic books is all about lesbian sex. Lots of lesbian sex in the suburbs, when the men are away, you know what is going to happen next. The first one published set the tone for every single other copy that has been printed.

In this first issue which is very hard to find anywhere (but can be found on Rebecca’s web site right here) Catherine Mitchell is a bored, neglected housewife living in the suburbs. When she confesses to best friend Patty how sexless her marriage is, her pal drugs and binds her, then gives her an afternoon she’ll never forget!

Yeah, it is like that, the afternoon she will never forget is drenched with everything you can simply imagine happening. Yes, lesbianism, dildos, and a lot of sex and submission throughout this first comic book. You can get the larger trades, but honestly the comic books with their covers are the good items to get for your adult comic book collection. There are 20 in the series right now, and Eros allows them to go in and out of print making them difficult to find anywhere at any price outside of Rebecca’s web site. But hey if lesbians are your thing then this is a series you are going to want to get. Everything is well done throughout this comic book. You really are going to want to get this if you can find it. This series sets the tone for modern lesbians in comics, making this a real treat to find, read, and do whatever you are going to do with it.

Hey, it is an adult comic book, somethings we really don’t want to know about.



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