Drive Thru Comics starts carrying Adult comic titles

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I have been wondering for a while how the adult comic book market will start delivering electronic copies of their comics to the public. Honestly adult titles far outsell any other title we carry in the store, so it is of deep interest to see how adult comics will be able to work within the new digital market. See there is a small problem with both the Apple ITunes and Android markets; they will not allow adult content to be sold. We still think that there is some stigma attached to the adult market, and if the major gateways will not sell or allow to be sold adult comic books, then not only are they missing the market totally, but they also are missing the revenue that the market generates.

Drive Thru though has a new adult section (new to us, might not be new to them) that will sell PDF versions of adult comic book titles. While the prices are the same cost as print, this is a good way of getting the word out that adult comics have a new market place. Most of the comics are behind a login screen to keep the kids out of the adult section, and with the usual age gate, we pretty much so have a solution that will work for the market.

Given that there is now a legal way to support adult comic  book publishers and artists, there is an incentive now to pay the way rather than downloading the amazing pile of scanned adult comics that are out in the internet. This provides a way for people to support the market in the same way that they support the paper market, although it is a given that piracy is going to happen, there is at least a safe way to purchase the comics now and not rely on the scanners to bring the adult comic books to market. This is a very good thing for those publishers who choose to publish adult comic books.

The adult comic book market needs this, and it is a good thing to see, risky for Drive Thru because as this gets to be more well known, they might need to spin this off into another domain to keep protesters at bay. You can see this in the print market where AP spun off Venus comics and Radio Comix spun off Sin Factory for their adult titles when they also carry main stream comic books.

But now that you can get these legally, you might want to go check it out, this is an important addition to the comic book market, and is well worth checking out.

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A Bomb from Venus Comics

A Bomb from Venus ComicsWritten by Various

Published by Venus Comics

From the Golden age of adult comics, late 1990’s and into the early 2000’s Venus Comics the adult imprint of Antarctic Press cranked out an amazing series of short stories called “A-Bomb”.  Similar to Genus, Milk, and other short story collections, this series of comics’ takes you right back to the beginning and are highly sought after adult comic books. Seriously you will not find these in stores, you will barely be able to find them online, and when you do they can be quite expensive. But they are so worth the cost of getting them not just because they are not a rehash of Milk or Genus, but because you get a real flavor for what was sexy in adult comics, including some of the early Manga styles that were coming out at the time from Japan. This is a brilliant mix of American and Japanese adult art styles that has been dropped due to licensing issues between the USA and Japanese artists.

Obviously we love this series, and have just a few of them in our collection. They are totally worth it, not just because the story lines are original and brilliantly done, but because it really is a blast from the past that is becoming increasingly sought after and increasingly expensive to own and find. The mix of art styles, story lines, and the execution of the series really shows off AP’s (Antarctic Press’s) attention to detail, and their ability to find amazingly cool people to do adult comics. There is always a sigma attached to porn, and it seems that comic book authors and publishers are having a hard time finding the right market lately for their works. Seriously, go into some comic book stores and you won’t see an adult comic anywhere. Usually these are only online, I know of only one comic book store that carries adult titles, and they are way in the back of the store behind a metal grating. Back in the day adult comics were a lot easier to find.

So if you can find this series at fewer than 10 dollars each you are finding a huge deal. This is a brilliantly done comic book series that is increasing in value and in scarcity. It is totally worth adding to your adult comic book collection, and something that AP and all the artists associated with this should be proud they participated in, because it simply rocks.



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Milk from Sin Factory

Milk from Sin FactoryWritten by Various

Printed by Sin Factory

Sin Factory is a subsidiary of Radio Comix, which is getting increasingly isolated in the market. This makes anything from Radio Comix or Sin Factory nearly impossible to find in any channel than their own online store, and the service on their store sucks. So you might just want to pay the online premium for these tiles because they simply rock. Much like Genus, these were printed in the past, and it is very difficult to find a story line that is new or original to the Milk series. But we end up with a series of short stories across multiple situations that pretty much involve sex without a lot of plot. This series is very similar to A-Bomb, Genus, and other short story style adult comic books. Seriously this must have been the main line style for a lot of comic book companies in the 1990’s and continuing through today.

Milk does stand apart though as an adult comic, because Sin Factory has put some effort into this series. They are well done, printed nicely, the artists are very good, and the story lines while short pretty much just keep on coming. There is an interesting difference between the artists and styles that comes out nicely throughout the entire 90 issue series. There are a lot of comic books in the series, making this one of the more interesting collections you can start off with for your adult collection.

Because Sin Factor and Radio Comics though stinks as a supplier, the ones that are on the market now carries a high premium in terms of price. There is an inconvenience premium when it comes to publishers that make life hard for stores, and that premium is always passed along to the customer. Which makes this an awesome title to own, but one that ends up being really expensive unless you can find someone discounting the prices on Ebay during a sale, or the seller was able to find some back room stock at a decent price.

This is a series worth finding and reading and enjoying. Adding this to your adult comic book collection can be a good thing, but it will be an expensive addition to your comic book collection. Well worth finding, well worth reading and enjoying, but there is an annoyance fee to finding these titles that is reflected in the price. I would wait until you find a sale or someone who is discounting the prices before buying.


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XXXenophile by Phil Foglio

XXXenophile by Phil FoglioWritten by Phil Foglio

Printed by: Various

At one point it looked like a lot of the main stream comic book artists were also working their way into adult comic book, and Phil Foglio was no exception. The author of the amazingly wonderful Girl Genius steam punk series is also responsible for some of the more amusing adult comic books like XXXenophile as well. Phil also did a number of cover for companies like MU Press when they were still alive and printing stuff.  Phil did XXXenophile for about a year or two making this one of the hardest and rarest adult comic books out there. You can still find some back issue copies here and there on Ebay or on Amazon; sometimes they will appear in stores.

This is a series of short stories with some well drawn sexual interludes, showing off his skill and craftsmanship when it comes to drawing any kind of comic book. While he is well known in the Steampunk Circles, it is good to see that at least at one point he branched out and tried something different. The story lines are well done, the drawing is well done and with the standard Phil flair when it comes to drawing people. The story lines run the gamut of man in a Godzilla costume to just about everything else you can image in between the sheets. He shows that he really does have a perverse little mind at times, although I don’t know how much of that is editor driven, or Phil driven when it comes to some of the more interesting story lines.

Overall this is a well drawn, well written, and standard Phil awesome comic book series. It can be found as trade paperbacks or as individual comics. They are expensive regardless of where you go unless you can find them in a physical store. There is an amazingly huge online premium for this title, but they are worth owning, reading, and adding to your adult comic book collection.


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Chirality by Satoshi Urushihara

Chirality by Satoshi UrushiharaBack in the day, very way back in the day, say 1997 back in the day, 15 years ago a comic book came out that would change how we looked at Manga in the USA. That book was Chirality by Satoshi Urushihara, and yes it is a remarkably adult manga with an awesome story line that will keep you riveted throughout the entire series. Originally published by Central Park Media (CPM) which is no longer in business, there is a lot to love about these early manga story lines that you really should collect if you are interested in the origins of Manga in the USA.

The story of Chirality is set in a not too distant future, like most Anime comic books going back to Akira which was one of the original break through anime story lines in the USA. In this not too distant future, the Earth has been overrun by a technovirus that changes humans into cyborgs. The technovirus is a mechanical parasite that attaches to a human, and turns humans into cyborgs with a slight bent on killing everything around them. The new cyborgs are called “GM’s”, and are under the control of a malfunctioning “Gaia” program which is trying to repair itself after being damaged. Unfortunately for the story line we really do not see much of Gaia, and we have no understanding of the role that the robotic overlord plays in the story, nor how she got damaged. We just know that there is damage, and there is a savior in the story line.

Gaia is so damaged that she decides it is time to destroy the Earth that she was created to protect. And this will happen as soon as she gets done repairing herself. In an awesome sense of apocalyptic fate, the humans are trying to kill off Gaia, while trying to stay alive against the GM cyborgs throughout the story line. The savior of the story line is Carol, horrifically abused because she is a cyborg herself, she has to decide to let the humans die for what they did to her, or retain the original mission and try to save humanity. The power of love is going to save this one as one human girl; Shiori is able to overcome the hatred for cyborgs and friend Carol. Carol later on in the series decides that for Shiori’s sake, she will save the Earth and humanity.

The original 18 part series explores the devastated earth, high technology, Gaia, and how to overcome the horrors that have been Carol’s life. The redemption factor of love, and dreams, and desires to keep everything together so that humanity does not pass from the earth are awesome cross currents in the comic book series. There is nudity, there are trials and tribulations, but in the longer run, we see that the one redeeming quality we have is our ability to love, even if the people we love have turned into horrifying mutant cyborgs. In the longer run this is really one of those classic late 90s’ story lines that really helped launch anime in the USA. While CPM might be out of business, they printed a lot of these, and they are still rolling around in the used comic book market for pennies a copy.

This is a comic book series that is worth hunting down and adding to your personal collection. This is a Mature Audiences title that borders on adult at times. It is well worth adding to your collection and seeing what it is all about. You will only find it in back issue prints, with CPM gone, and no one owning the title in the USA, back issues are all we have, but they are worth adding to your comic book collection.


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Franny Vales Great Consummations

Franny Vales Great ConsummationsStories by Susan Catherine

Art by Euan Smith

Edited by Carol Gnojewski

Art by Adam Glickman

Published by Eros Comix, Gary Groth and Kim Thompson

Franny Vales Great Consummations is a series of short classical stories like Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man or Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set to adult comic book story lines. In all this is a pretty decent series that remasters the classics as a continually running 8MM loop of porn goodness. Seriously as a normal blast from the past the artists have done an awesome job of putting the story lines together and making some seriously well drawn, well executed adult comic book material like we don’t see in many of the more modern adult comic books.

As an anthology it is a series of stories that pretty much so make your day. If you are familiar with the classic story lines, then a lot of this comic book is going to make sense right from the start. What we need to realize is that there is a lot of sensuality in comic books, regardless of if you are reading super hero comics, or regular adult comic books. This collection just simply throws it over the top, skips the dull bits, and goes right to the sensual in relationship to the classic story lines. Each book in this short lived series basically has anywhere from three to five short stories, meaning they are very short, short on plot, short on character development, but not short on adult content. The basic assumption is that you have read or at least have some sort of basic familiarity with the story lines so we can skip all the dull bits and go right to the good bits. The story lines do not skimp on the good bits, which is what makes this so very interesting to read and get into as a series of short stories.

This is another blast from the past, so this one is going to be difficult to find in any condition. It is well worth finding. Usually these pop up on eBay, or you might get lucky if your local comic book store has an adult section that is well stocked with back issues. In the longer run with this series, it is highly entertaining and really what the classic literary novels should be about, the more open discussion of sex, sensibility, and pictures. Well worth finding, and well worth adding to your adult comic book collection.


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God Of Sex from Eros Comix

God of Sex from Eros ComixCreated by Kazuki Taniuch

Published by Gary Groth and Kim Thompson

Produced by Eros Comix

I swear that the golden age of adult comics coincided with the larger big boom in regular comics, because it seems like all the best adult comics happened in the 1990’s. Of course we saw everyone trying out Mangarotica, from Venus Comics through Eros, and God of Sex is another one of those mangarotica story lines featuring tons of sex, little story line, and reads a lot like “mmmfhgh I have a mouth full of dick, tit, pussy or tentacle”. God of sex is like that, and trying to figure out a plot is pretty much so a point of contention, is there one, and does that really matter for a porn comic?

So this story is about a ninja clan that needs some new genetic material, and you know how that is going to be got. Sexy ninja’s all trying to get the right genetic material means sex and battling. Of course this means ninja style battling, and yeah this is where it gets to be interesting. Because in so many ways this reads like a parody, like two huge breasted women called the “big top girls” all the way though the story line. We get some really well drawn scenes in the comic book, the art is well done, the story line interesting, and the sex drawn to the normal Japanese hentai standard with the normal Eros twists. As for any sort of literary quality there is very little, but for raw humor and sex the quality is well worth getting and reading.

As a historical artifact filled with sex, yeah this one is worth looking out for and seeing if you can get your hands on a copy. This one is seriously out of print, and that is ok, scanners have it online, and the occasional issue will pop up on EBay for a reasonable price because few people know about these really early anime/manga cross overs. This is going to appeal to a limited collectors market, but again why are we purchasing a porn comic. This one has at least an interesting story line that is easy to dive into, and yes this is another series that is well worth getting. Somewhat easier to find than many of the other out of print adult comic books, these do turn up in eBay on a regular basis, and again, the prices are generally reasonable. It is well worth getting.


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Sinnin’ Number 2 Eros Comix

Sinnin’ Number 2 Eros ComixWritten by Grass Green

Pencils by Grass Green

Inks by Grass Green

Letters by Grass Green

Published by Eros Comix

This is a two part comic book series featuring a series of short stories that are classic eros comics. Published very long ago, about 20 years ago, this series is seeing a slight bump lately as people try to fill in their back issues of adult comics that they might have missed a while back. The short stories are: A big one all her own, It happened on…Fights Night, Captain Macho, and Making sense of it all. Each one fo these stories basically is boy meets hot girl, girl gets hotter, boy and girl have sex. This comic book series is pretty much so fairly traditional adult fare without any surprises. The comic book really goes back to almost the heyday of Eros Comix when they were willing to bring on just about any new author and give them a shot. Unfortunately “Grass Green” shows up almost nowhere else than in this series, we have no idea who the persona is, so we can’t dive deeper into the authors own personal story line.  The cool part is that we were able to find out more about the author.

Richard “Grass” Green was a founding father of the fan art comics scene in the 1960s. He was among the first African-American artists to win popularity in the USA, and he published his early works in such fan magazines as Alter Ego, The Comicollector, Komix Illustrated, Super-Hero and Masquerader. Among his creations were ‘Xal-Kor, the Human Cat’ and ‘Wildman and Rubberroy’. From 1967, his art was featured in Go-Go and Charlton Premier.

Grass Green became the first African-American cartoonist in underground comix beginning in the early 1970s. He created among others Super-Soul Comix, a hard-edged expose of racism and bigotry in America at the time. His ‘Wildman and Rubberroy’ stories were published in twelve issues in the 1980s. From 1982, Green worked with Michael Vance on the comic strip ‘Holiday Out’. Some of this work was also released through comic books including Holiday Out Comics (Renegade Press), Comico Primer (Comico) and Mangazine (Antarctic Press).

Sinnin’ and other Eros Comix seems like it was one of those long shot ideas to do an adult comic that so many authors experimented with from Phil Foglio through many others along the way in the early 1990’s. Overall Sinnin’ is an interesting take on adult comics and one that is well worth finding when you can get your hands on it in any condition. This is a 4 of 5 star comic, you can almost instinctively see that while this is awesome, that is was meant to be a short run try of doing an adult comic, and sometimes the comic books come off badly for the reader. But then we really are not buying adult comics for the pithy story line.

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Genus Adult Furry Comic book series

genus number 51 comic coverWhile I have this thing against Radio Comix, because they seem to be diving into the dirt and refuse to sell to anyone at this point unless it is full retail from their web site, and what they have in Diamond as a distributor absolutely stinks, Genus is one of the longest running adult anthropomorphic (Furry) adult comic book series in existence. It is worth discussing and knowing about, even if Radio Comix seems to be diving into the dirt making this title expensive to find if you can find it at all.

The idea behind genus is that this is a series of vignettes that go along with each of the comic books. Much like an anthology, you end up with different characters in each book, and all of them having gobs smacking amounts of sex. What is interesting is that while Radio Comix seems to be diving this series into the dirt economically, is that it has this long history starting back with Antarctic Press, then moving the Venus imprint of Antarctic, then over to Radio Comix, then to Sin Factory. We are going back to the early 1990’s on this title, and it is still running strong some 20 years later.

What is sad is that as you get more familiar with the series you can tell that the story lines seem to merge looking as if they were slightly modified reprints of the earlier Venus/Antarctic press story lines. This does not make this a bad series, but something to be aware of, if you are lucky enough to find the early out of print and insanely expensive Venus/Antarctic press versions of this title, there will be similarities between Venus and Sin Factory.

This is too good a title to be going out of print, and I am really impressed with the length, breadth and depth of the story lines after so many years of being in print. The ideas might be similar but the story lines diverge enough to keep it entertaining and viable as a title. Furries or Anthropomorphic comic books are not everyone’s idea of a good time, but there is a long history of the popularity of Furries from the early 1990’s through to today. Genus adds an important idea to the popularity of the story lines as they carry on into the modern idea of “cat girls” running amok at an anime convention. Genus carries with it that same tradition and is totally worth reading and getting to know the series. The downside is that Radio Comix seems to be abandoning any form of distribution outside of their own site making it difficult to get, expensive when you find it, and distressingly harder and harder to find.

I do not agree with Radio Comix on this process of driving the title out of print except through their own web store, that might be the last place you are going to be able to find this title, and again, it is too good, and too important to miss. Well worth finding the series if you can, and ensuring that it is in your adult comic book catalog.


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Alice in Sexland the Comic

Alice in Sexland the ComicEdited by Michael Dowers

This is not a review of the movie Alice in sexland, rather this is a review of the comic book series put out by Eros comics and is part of the mangarotica series of comic books. Alice in sexland is one of the earlier mangarotica comic books from Eros, and follows a pretty standard line of hentai comic book series, but not so many tentacles this time. Starting off the series Alice is captured and held by multiple men who do anything they want to do with her. Seeing a chance to make a break, she manages to escape from the men who remain nameless. They are incidental to the story line, they are the objects that she runs away from, so that she can fall down a cliff and end up meeting the white rabbit.

The white rabbit also happens to be a girl with a large watch around her neck who tells her to follow her down the rabbit hole so that she can better escape the rapists. With the invite open, the two fall down the rabbit hole, where the sex starts. First it is with the walls of the rabbit hole, and then the sex begins. And it does not stop throughout the whole story line. We get all the standard Alice in Wonderland characters but with the mangarotica twist of cat girls, red queens, and the mad hatter, all of it that is highly reminiscent of the movie in both plot and substance. It seems like the writers saw the porno movie and decided that the entire thing would make an awesome comic book. They are not far off on that one, the story line and the characters all fall within the traditional bounds of hentai.

Few tentacles, but lots of sex in this one, and is more graphic than is traditional in hentai comic books. While short on words, it is long on plot, the story line of Alice in Wonderland provides ample opportunity to explore any number of sexual images, styles, and types that humans, and for that matter cat girls can come up with. The cat girl is pretty cool, the bunny is pretty cool, and Alice is stacked like there was no tomorrow. This also fits into the idea that all heroines must be huge breasted with vast tracks of land.

Rating this one 4 of 5 stars, they could have explored the story line better, but if you are getting this for the non-stop polyamory sex that happens throughout this story then you will rate it 5 of 5 stars. It is likely that you will be getting this not for the story line, but for the standard Eros style graphic depictions of sex, and you will not be disappointed. I would have liked to see more story lines, but then there is only so much you can cram into 24 pages of sex comic book, and people often do not buy these for the plot, they buy them for the awesomeness that is Eros Comics. This one is fairly easy to find online, so costs are reasonable when you are looking to purchase this comic book series.


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